Pizza… made of CHOCOLATE?!?!

I came accross the cutest food idea and couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

Deidre and Kirsten Renaud are two sisters with a passion for chocolate and besides their other internet business, The Chocolate Warehouse, decided to make chocolate pizzas.

These pizzas can be purchased ready to eat and weigh between the 350 and 450 grams (almost a pound of chocolate!) and have a diameter of 23 centimeters (approximately 9 inches). The pizzas are then packed in cardboard packaging just like the real ones and are delivered right into your mailbox!

Or maybe you have a more adventurous taste for spices and flavors. Well they can also cater your taste as you can make your own pizza as well. It is even possible to order low sugar chocolate for diabetics or those watching their weight. Delicious and unique as dessert or when you feel a well desired indulgence.

Visit them at ChocoladePizza (Dutch only).

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