For the Guys

Generally party ideas and gadgets are geared towards the cute and feminine. Well, I have found a couple of ideas that will make the guys happy. Here are the manly-man party items…

Measuring tape cooking timer

To start the timer, you just pull the measuring tape in the chrome block. The centimeter lines give out in how many minutes the alarm will go off.

Jozeph Forakis

Shoe print masher

A masher in the shape of a shoe print.

 Hot dog maker

Real hot dogs in no time with the Bestron Hot dog Maker. Really good to eat while watching a film or a football match. You can cook from 6 to 10 hot dogs at the same time and warm the bread in the stainless steel pin.
Orange press
The original press has “female shapes”.
Pizza cutter
The Pizza Pro 3000 cuts easily through all cheeses and pepperoni. The really fun pizza cutter has a shape of a power tool.

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