A Backyard Party for the World Cup and Father’s Day?!?

With Father’s Day next Sunday and the World Cup at full speed here is a great idea to combine both occassions, cheer for your team and celebrate the special dad in your life… a backyard party.

Backyard parties are almost always held al fresco, so decorations are usually minimal. But why not pick your favorite team colors and hang slingers from all the fences and helium balloons from plant pots.

Plan defined areas for particular activities, like watching the game and areas for the kids to play. Enjoying the beautiful weather and the company of friends and family is what this is all about. However, a few fun activities for guests of all ages can certainly liven things up. Here are some ideas that will keep your company entertained if they are not interested in the matches:

• Designate an area for playing cards or making crafts.
• Ask a few teens or adults to take turns painting faces in the team colors.
• Rent a jump house.
• Play a little football.

Backyard parties are often nothing more than big barbecues. You can provide the main course or ask families to bring their own meat or other grillables. Usually, side dishes, salads and desserts are potluck. You could also skip the grill and make a potluck including main dishes.

Is there any beverage that says backyard party better than lemonade? Alternatively, you can add drinks to the potluck list or ask guests to bring their own beverages.

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