Quick French Appetizers

Would you like to serve some chic food for your next party but have no desire to spend a long time making them or a lot of money? Here are some ideas for French appetizers…

Don’t be afraid of your choices, the French offer nuts, chips, or crackers with an apéritif. They’ll also do cocktail weiners, raw vegetables, olives and slices of sausage.

Spreads normally will be on top of a small piece of bread. A triangle of toasted bread with a spread is called a toast, and a more elaborate presentation, featuring several layers, is called a canapé. Cream paté is a great option and is becoming more affordable and available in the deli section of supermarkets. Another option is a piece of Brie cheese.

Anything presented on a tooth pick or small wooden skewer could be considered a brochette. A popular combination is a piece of raw cured ham wrapped around a small piece of melon or a prune.

Is it popular to make bouchées, which literally means mouthful by shrinking down what could be served as a course at the dinner table such as mini quiches, tarts, and pizzas.

Verrines are small glasses (like a tall shot glass) that contain two or three bites of some food combination. One uses a small spoon to enjoy the contents. What do you think about some creamy tomato soup with bacon bits?

Savory breads, available in bakeries are known as cakes. Popular combinations are olive and ham, prunes and bacon, and salmon and goat cheese. Cut these breads into small pieces for everybody to sample.

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