Sweet Sushi

My friend Kate is about to celebrate her birthday soon and has in her mind to go to a sushi bar with some friends. I found this wonderful idea to recreate those beautiful looking pieces of food at home with a birthday twist: candy or cake sushi!

The sushi can be built on a base of cake, sliced to look like little cakes of rice. For the wasabi you can use icing dyed in green. Another option for the base of this fun food is a recipe of rice crispies and marshmallow cubes.

As for the seaweed paper fruit-roll-up is used and some people swear by the brand “Fruit by the foot” as it seemed the most stable under all temperatures, plus the bonus of the funky green color. For the toppings you can use sliced twizzlers or licorice strips and Swedish Fish. You can use your imagination and make countless combinations. Go to the web for insipiration on real sushi food and surprise your guests.

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