Movies or TV Party on a Rainy Night

It is really bad weather here in the Netherlands, but is also a great excuse to host a movies and tv party!

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Comfortable seating, and plenty of it, is essential to a successful movie / TV night. Make room for extra chairs and floor pillows and ask guests to bring a cushion or folding chair along with them. If the films or TV shows you’ll be watching have a clear theme, try pulling it into your party decorations or you can always hang movie posters around the house with “Now Playing” and “Coming Soon” tags underneath.

What to Watch
Choose movies or TV shows with a common theme such as a favorite actor or director, screening movies in a trilogy or series, or watching a season of a TV show. 

Take a break between showings with a few games to keep people interested (and awake).
Make your own trivia game about the movies or shows you’re watching. After each ends, quiz your guests on what they just saw. Hand out prizes after each round to reward those with a keen eye.

Let your guests customize their corn with a popcorn bar. Pop a few bags of plain popcorn, and set out various accompaniments like the standard melted butter and salt, then offer exciting flavor combinations such as sour cream and onion, ranch, or white cheddar salts, grated parmesan cheese or cayenne pepper. For the ones that prefer their popcorn sweet you can include cinnamon and sugar, M&Ms, bits of toffee, and honey-roasted almonds and peanuts in the selection of toppings.

Don’t forget to use colorful paper bags or red-and-white cardboard containers to serve the popcorn and set out plastic bags so people can bring a bit home.

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