Christmas Dinner Planner

With good organization and this planner you can make a great Christmas dinner party just two weeks in advance!


  • Take a look at your tablecloth. Is it big enough? Is it stained? Do you have enough napkins?
  • Do you have enough plates, glasses and cutlery?
  • Make a playlist of (Christmas) music.
  • Clean your candleholders. Place it in the freezer for a couple of hours and the wax will peel or crumble easily.
  • Check your cookbooks, food journal or the internet and decide on your menu. Check if you have enough pots, pans and baking tins.
  • Check with your guests about diet restrictions.


  • Buy all the groceries that won’t spoil.
  • Fill in your basic pantry with things such as matches, coffee creamer, aluminium foil and dish washing liquid.
  • Buy alcoholic drinks, juices and soft drinks and skip the busy shops later.
  • Buy items with Christmas motifs such as napkins or candles. Now they are widely available and later nowhere to be found.


  • Check that your wineglasses are clean and otherwise wash them and dry them with a lint-free cloth.
  • Make copies of the recipes and put them in a folder in the order they need to be made.
  • Clean the coat closet and make space for the jackets of your guests.
  • Cool the white wine and bring the red wine to room temperature.
  • Organize and vacuum your house and clean the toilet.


  • Buy fresh groceries.
  • Buy flowers for the dining table.


  • Have a to-do list close by (what goes in the pan or oven and when).
  • Set the table and chairs and set the places on the table.
  • Give yourself two hours in advance to prepare and relax before your guests arrive.

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