A Christmas Table for the Little Ones

The Christmas dinner is a big party for children when the dinner table is decorated for them. Think about funny prints with a base of greens and reds. Orange and turquoise can also be used for a happy burst of color.

Instead of place cards, place a gingerbread cookie and write the child’s name in icing. Tie their flatware to a napkin with ribbon and decorate it with a candy cane.

Sprinkle the kids’ table with metallic confetti in star shapes. In place of classic candles you can choose candles in the shape of Santa Claus, reindeers, and other Christmas figures. Just remember to put them in a safe place on the table or don’t light them at all.

Cut strips of paper in different print but in the same color shades and make a paper chain. Or cut circles and tape them to string to make a garland. Hang from the chairs or from the ceiling.

Let the kids shapes from cardstock such as a heart or a star and have them decorate them to their own taste. Glue these shapes together with a piece of ribbon forming a loop and you will have nice ornaments for a small Christmas tree specially for the children or to be used as gift tags.

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