Cooking Essentials

If you are planning to entertain, be it a sit-down dinner, a cocktail party or just some chill out time with friends and family in the backyard, here is a list of essential entertaining items. These picks are meant for more parties from six to twelve persons.


I have divided the list in three categories: cooking, serving and decorating and here is what you need for cooking:

  1. basic set of cookware – two multipurpose pots (rice, pasta, potatoes), 2-quart saucepan (sauces, small stews, beans), 10-inch skillet (eggs), 12-inch skillet (crepes, pancakes) and 6-quart stockpot (soup, pasta, large stews).
  2. basic knife set – chef’s knife (all purpose), serrated knife (bread), slicing knife (meats), paring knife (vegetables), cutting board
  3. basic baking set – two baking sheets (cookies, pastries), two round cake pans, round pie pan, roasting pan (meats, vegetables)
  4. basic tools – measuring cups, measuring spoons, mixing bowls (mixes, marinades), strainer, whisk, two wooden spoons, spatula
  5. basic equipment – blender with a glass cup(sauces, drinks), coffee maker, teakettle (speeds boiling water), mixer (speeds making any batter), toaster
  6. basic kitchen helpers – resealable glass containers (chopped ingredients, leftovers), ice packs, aluminum foil, paper towels, plastic wrap, trash bags

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