Decorating Essentials

This is the third list of essential entertaining items and here is what you need for decorating. These picks are meant for more parties from six to twelve persons.


  1. folding table – cover it with a tablecloth and it can work as a bar, buffet table or craft station, plus it doesn’t take much space
  2. basic tablewear – two tablecloths (preferably washable ones, one in a light color, one in a dark color), six to twelve placemats (matching the tablecloths)
  3. basic decorations – two clear glass vases (flowers, candy), two candlesticks and candles, tea lights
  4. basic party goods – patterned paper napkins and paper runner, birthday candles, paper lanterns, streamers, seasonal decorations

One thought on “Decorating Essentials

  1. Estoy super orgullosa de ti Roomate! Dios siga bendiciendo tu talento!!! Te tienes que botar para los 15 de Lyanne 🙂 TQM

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