Tricks of the Trade

If we had a kitchen tool for every task it would be a lot easier to entertain, but if you are like me and don’t have an industrial kitchen or storage space, here are some tricks that may help save time and space…

  • No rolling pin, no problem, use a wine bottle
  • Use a 2-ounce (1/4 cup) ice cream scoop to portion the perfect size for sliders
  • A squeeze bottle can hold ketchup in the summer or squirt fun shapes of pancakes
  • Bundt cake molds are very multi use, you can make an ice block with is pretty shape (works better with small ones), insert a chicken in the opening and use it as a vertical roaster and the shiny variety can hold candles
  • Talking about candles, turn a champagne glass and you will have a very chic candle holder
  • Chopsticks for Asian food are also great to level flour and sugar
  • An egg slicer also does the trick for mushrooms, strawberries and mozzarella

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