Tapas y Olé

Here we are enjoying a lovely holiday in Spain before our baby arrives and adoring the availability of food at almost every hour of the day. Most of us have heard about tapas or have been at a party where tapas have been served. To those of you that haven’t here is a summary…

Tapas are a variety of appetizers and snacks in Spanish cuisine. They can be warm or cold and can be combined to make a full meal (what I have been doing in the last days).

Here are some ideas for your next party, so take out that sangría y “que empiece la FIESTA!”.

Olives, Meatballs in tomato sauce, Garlic Mayonnaise served with slices of bread or grilled potatoes, Codfish sliced thinly and served with bread and tomatoesRings of battered squid, Slow-cooked beef, Chorizo sausage slowly cooked in wine, Croquettes, Turnovers filled with meats and vegetables, Prawns in assorted sauces, Potatoes in Mojo sauce, Spicy meat skewers, made of pork, lamb or chicken, Cured cheese with anchovies on top, Pork seasoned with garlic and parsley, Spanish omelette, Chicken filet wrapped in bacon, Slices of pork filet with caramelized onions, Melon wrapped in ham, Mini burgers, Ham rolls filled with goat cheese and balsamic vinegar.

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