I Love Appetizers

I love appetizers. Forget about big complicated dinners and just give me trays full of tiny morsels waiting to be eaten. I like that they are easy to make and take the guessing of which guests might have a food allergy or a diet restriction as there is always a bit for everybody. Here is my list of favorites…

  1. Thin slices of seared skirt steak or shaved honey ham on buttered bread
  2. Chorizo slices in red wine
  3. Pitted dates wrapped in bacon
  4. Meatballs, extra points if served with any sauce
  5. Breaded chicken bites
  6. Deviled eggs sprinkled with cayenne pepper
  7. Melon wrapped in prosciutto
  8. Mini burgers
  9. Individual servings of nachos
  10. Sweet chicken wings
  11. Hummus with lots of pita wedges
  12. Empanaditas
  13. Spanish omelette
  14. Wedges of quiche lorraine

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