Indonesian Rice Table

This has to be one of my favorite ways to enjoy a meal or have a celebration. Lots of little dishes to mix and match in an exotic Asian atmosphere right at your house.

To start, you can use dinnerware with colorful Asian motifs or napkins with Asian prints. Big napkins can be used as placemats and even runners. For a quick touch of Asian decor, place a pot with an orchid on the table or lay orchid blooms on the plates and trays. A tablecloth is not necessary as you can always use a sarong or a coverup like the ones sold as souvenirs in vacation resorts. Asian ingredients often come in very pretty packaging and once empty they can be used to hold flowers or flatware. And if you really want to set the mood, eat out of bowls instead of plates.

For the meal, this is a ten dish menu for an Indonesian rice table. Of course you can make these dishes at home, but many supermarkets and restaurants offer the dishes to reheat at home.

Nasi Koening: (main dish) rice, turmeric and cloves
Babi Ketjap: (side dish) pork, soy sauce, shrimp powder en onion
Ajam Opor: (side dish) chicken legs, nuts, garlic and shrimp powder
Rempah: (side dish) ground beef, coconut and garlic
Sajoer Lodeh: (side dish) chicken, shrimp, celery, coleslaw and zucchini
Sambal Goreng Djagoeng: (side dish) corn, peppers and creamed coconut
Atjar Ketimun: (side dish) cucumber, onion, vinegar, chili sauce, garlic and pepper
Seroendeng: (side dish) coconuts, peanuts and chili sauce
Frikadel Goreng: (side dish) potato and ground beef pastry
Peanut sauce, Egg rolls, Shrimp Crackers, Fried Onions and Pickled Vegetables

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