No Name for the Free: Book Cover

Available in paperback and Kindle edition in Amazon.

Shortly after his father’s death, Aedan, a young man with little connection to his home, risks his life at sea rather than meet his end once the people of his family’s kingdom have grown tired of their reign. Fortunately, he washes up on a beach before he becomes one with the water, and is discovered by a camp of fighters happy to take him in and make him one of their own, while he hides his identity and is reborn as a foolish boy named Fjord.

Though these men have no name, their purpose is clear. They do not fear death like the rest of us, and they will not end their journey until they have all met their demise or hunted down creatures that have existed for generations, so that their adventures will be remembered for longer. As they travel across the lands, the misfits Aedan was not so sure of slowly become his new family while new love blooms, men and monsters fall, and they travel from the coast he once called home, to the snowy mountains where a sheltered people lie hidden away, and finally to a desert where all may be lost before they can defeat their final foe. Who will survive it all?

“What do you mean we’re supposed to go up the beast?” -Aedan


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