Because we create a memorable impression through original designs.

In PinkMoon Design you can find exclusive, original greeting card designs with hand drawn illustrations for all occasions. We offer high quality stationery at low cost and with great service. Everything is printed in the best digital printers available in the market.


When filling in your contact information in Etsy, please take a second to look at it again to check that both your email address and postal address are correct. Emailing is our our most important method of communication, and of course we would like for you to get your order to the right place.

If all the steps are completed successfully we will start working immediately.

1. How can I inform of a text change on the card(s)?

Send us a convo or write a message in your order.

2. Can I chose a different font than the one on the card?

Yes, that is allowed. However, if you would like to use your own personal font, please take in consideration that some of them are not made for printing and we can’t guarantee good results.

3. Is it possible to make changes in the card design (for example, colors)?

It is possible. All cards are designed by PinkMoon Design and therefore they can be customized to your wishes. By most cards color changes are possible. These small changes are included in the cost of the cards. Major changes require that we charge you additional costs, but we consult everything with you and make agreements in advance. Some designs are more complicated and certain changes are not possible. Send us a convo without obligation for the possibilities of specific cards.

All our orders are printed individually. We don’t work with pre-printed stationery on which the text is being printed on.

4. I would like to have different versions (text or language) of the same card. How does it work?

Send the text versions via convo to us and let us know how many pieces need to be made of each.

5. How many correction rounds are included in each order?

In PinkMoon Design we don’t do difficult about correction rounds. Take a good look at the texts before you send them to us and also control the drafts well. This way we can make the necessary changes and get to a final draft. Changes are possible before we go to print.


1. How can I pay?


2. Are the payment options safe?

All the payment options that we offer are safe as they occur in the safety of the Etsy website.

3. Do you charge extra costs for printing?

No. The total amount of your order includes the costs of the cards and the shipping. Unless there are additional changes that need extra charges (such as layout changes and any additional custom work agreed by you), these costs are paid in advance. Orders shipped outside of the Netherlands are exempt of the 21% sales tax (BTW).

4. Can we also cancel our custom work if we don’t find it pretty (enough) or appropriate?

By cancelling custom work we will still charge the quoted costs, unless a different solution is agreed to. That is the reason why we request the payment in advance of the design costs. To avoid misuse. Of course it is possible to make changes after receiving the first draft. The first draft design is not definitive.


1. What is the delivery time of the cards?

Greeting cards are brought to the postal service in about 24 to 48 hours after the order and payment process is completed. At the moment there is an average of a week for delivery out of the Netherlands.

2. Can you send the cards for us?

Unfortunately we don’t offer this service.


1. How does it work with the right to claims and the possibility of returns?

There is a cancellation term of 14 days: every order can be cancelled without costs in those 14 days. The exemptions are:

(1) If you instruct us to make custom changes, and

(2) If you give your definitive agreement to printing.

Whenever these exceptions apply, PinkMoon Design has the right to charge costs. If after you agree to the final draft and we have started the printing process it is not possible to cancel any more. If something went wrong with the order or you ordered something by accident, let us know as soon as possible to find a solution.

2. Can I return a greeting card that I have purchased?

Yes, you have the right to cancel an order within a 14-day window. The cancellation period will start the moment you receive our product. In order to do so, please contact us to receive instructions for the return. Please note that as a buyer, you will bear the shipping costs related to returning the merchandise. A full refund of the amount paid in Etsy will be issued within 14 days of receiving the returned item.

3. What if the postal service delivers damaged goods?

All of our products are carefully packed and we take pictures as evidence of the state the goods were shipped. If your product arrives very damaged, please send us a photo of the damaged goods and they will be replaced.


1. Do you also make custom work?

Yes, we love making custom work! The costs are €40 per hour. Let us know what would you like and we can make a quote without obligation.

2. Which sort of paper is used in PinkMoon?

All products are printed on high quality 250 grams card stock. We have in-house printing facilities with the best digital printers available in the market. The printing quality is very sharp and the colors quite vivid.

3. Do the printed cards always look like what we see in our monitor?

That depends on certain factors. Your monitor might not be good calibrated and the colors can look different.

4. How is our privacy protected?

PinkMoon Design complies with the law of data privacy. The personal information that you give to us is only used internally to contact you regarding your order, to verify your shipping address and the email exchange regarding your order. PinkMoon Design will never make your information available to third parties. For additional information regarding your privacy, please contact us.

For a full terms and conditions disclosure please visit our website.

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