Valentine Cakes in a Hurry

Would you like to surprise someone with something delicious but don’t know what to make or don’t have much time available? Here is a quick recipe.

1 pound cake
2-3 Tbs. strawberry jam
2 oz. cream cheese
powder sugar
strawberry drink syrup
cake confetti
heart shaped cookie cutter

Cut out shapes from the cake with the cookie cutter. Mix the jam and the cream cheese in a bowl until mixed through. Spread this mixture on half of the cake hearts and cover with the other half. Mix powder sugar with the strawberry syrup and a bit of water to create a glaze for the top layer of cake. Spoon carefully over the cake hearts and sprinkle with the confetti.


Dip or Squeeze?

H.J. Heinz Co. unveilied a new ketchup pack that is shaped like a shallow cup. The top can be peeled back for dipping, or the end can be torn off for squeezing. It holds three times as much ketchup as a traditional packet.

Our prayers have been heard! No more ketchup on our hands, or shirts, or pants, or floor… Soon available in fast food restaurants. And with luck to consumers hands as well. How I would like to have those for my next BBQ!

A Beautiful Trend

Recently macaroons are appearing as a 2010 food trend. A macaron or French macaroon is a confectionery whose name is derived from an Italian word “maccarone” meaning paste. It is meringue-based: made from a mixture of egg whites, almond flour, and both granulated and confectionery sugar. Sweet piece of heaven and in wonderful colors to combine with every party decor.

Edible and beautiful

I have seen my share of beautiful chocolate in my life but I have to say that the chocolate from Norman Love Confections are little pieces of art.

Pizza… made of CHOCOLATE?!?!

I came accross the cutest food idea and couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

Deidre and Kirsten Renaud are two sisters with a passion for chocolate and besides their other internet business, The Chocolate Warehouse, decided to make chocolate pizzas.

These pizzas can be purchased ready to eat and weigh between the 350 and 450 grams (almost a pound of chocolate!) and have a diameter of 23 centimeters (approximately 9 inches). The pizzas are then packed in cardboard packaging just like the real ones and are delivered right into your mailbox!

Or maybe you have a more adventurous taste for spices and flavors. Well they can also cater your taste as you can make your own pizza as well. It is even possible to order low sugar chocolate for diabetics or those watching their weight. Delicious and unique as dessert or when you feel a well desired indulgence.

Visit them at ChocoladePizza (Dutch only).