Top 40

My husband loves board games. Trivia variations are his favorite and in honor of his birthday today here is Top 40 (and maybe as a birthday suggestion… *hint*).

Top 40 was created for the 40th anniversary of the Top 40 music list. You can have long hours of playing pleasure while testing your pop knowledge. There are difficult questions, really nice questions and answers, music selections and even the chance to sing. For our Dutch readers, there is also a variation with Dutch music.

New 75th Anniversary Monopoly Edition

Hasbro has unveiled the design of the new 75th anniversary edition of their classic board game, Monopoly, set to hit stores in fall of 2010. “Monopoly: Revolution Edition” is slick and round instead of dull and square, with debit cards and an ATM instead of paper money and a banker, clear plastic representations of the classic tokens, and clips of popular songs that play after certain actions.

Do you like this version or will you stay with the classic?

Guess that Word!

The people from Discovery has come with a fantastic tool to create customized word and number puzzles. Each game can be customized to your needs so it is very handy for a guess the word for a bachelorette. Go to Puzzlemaker and if you like it, you can even buy the CD version.

It’s a Party and Co.

My favorite activity at a party has to be Party & Co. This is a fun game for any occasion that combines strategy, skills and knowledge. Played in teams you will get to see your party attendees show their best in artistic skills (signals and sound), general knowledge trivia, logical thinking and creative flair (drawing). Party & Co. also comes in a Junior edition for kids, a Disney edition and an Extreme edition.

Game of Keez… anyone?

During New Year’s Eve we got challenged to a game of Keez.
Keez is played between two, four, six or eight people and it can be played in teams as well. It also uses playing cards in place of dice which determine your movements around the game board. This game has a big element of chance and teasing the other players which makes it quite addictive.

The game is well known around the world and there are Canadian, American and German variations known. Keez is a really great game to play with family and friends and is a great birthday or Christmas gift. Here in the Netherlands is even possible to rent the game for your activity. Visit (Dutch only) for all the game formats and the playing rules.