Decorating Essentials

This is the third list of essential entertaining items and here is what you need for decorating. These picks are meant for more parties from six to twelve persons.


  1. folding table – cover it with a tablecloth and it can work as a bar, buffet table or craft station, plus it doesn’t take much space
  2. basic tablewear – two tablecloths (preferably washable ones, one in a light color, one in a dark color), six to twelve placemats (matching the tablecloths)
  3. basic decorations – two clear glass vases (flowers, candy), two candlesticks and candles, tea lights
  4. basic party goods – patterned paper napkins and paper runner, birthday candles, paper lanterns, streamers, seasonal decorations

Serving Essentials

This is the second list of essential entertaining items and here is what you need for serving. These picks are meant for more parties from six to twelve persons.


  1. basic glassware – six to twelve pieces of each: drinking glasses (juice, soft drinks, water, beer), wine glasses (white, red), mugs (hot chocolate), cups and saucers (coffee, tea), teapot, jug
  2. basic place settings – six to twelve of each: dinner plate, salad plate, bowl and dessert plate
  3. basic flatware – six to twelve sets of each: dinner knife, salad knife, dinner fork, salad fork, soup spoon, dessert spoon, dessert fork, steak knives
  4. basic serving set – large salad bowl and salad utensils, two to four serving platters or trays, set covered dishes or bowls, set serving utensils (tongs, serving spoons, serving forks, gravy ladle, cake server, ice cream scoop)
  5. basic serving helpers – corkscrew, bottle opener, sugar and creamer set, one set of salt and pepper shakers

Cooking Essentials

If you are planning to entertain, be it a sit-down dinner, a cocktail party or just some chill out time with friends and family in the backyard, here is a list of essential entertaining items. These picks are meant for more parties from six to twelve persons.


I have divided the list in three categories: cooking, serving and decorating and here is what you need for cooking:

  1. basic set of cookware – two multipurpose pots (rice, pasta, potatoes), 2-quart saucepan (sauces, small stews, beans), 10-inch skillet (eggs), 12-inch skillet (crepes, pancakes) and 6-quart stockpot (soup, pasta, large stews).
  2. basic knife set – chef’s knife (all purpose), serrated knife (bread), slicing knife (meats), paring knife (vegetables), cutting board
  3. basic baking set – two baking sheets (cookies, pastries), two round cake pans, round pie pan, roasting pan (meats, vegetables)
  4. basic tools – measuring cups, measuring spoons, mixing bowls (mixes, marinades), strainer, whisk, two wooden spoons, spatula
  5. basic equipment – blender with a glass cup(sauces, drinks), coffee maker, teakettle (speeds boiling water), mixer (speeds making any batter), toaster
  6. basic kitchen helpers – resealable glass containers (chopped ingredients, leftovers), ice packs, aluminum foil, paper towels, plastic wrap, trash bags

Entertaining: the Buffet

I come from a culture that celebrates everything around food, be it self-made, a pot luck or store-bought. So on the next days I will post different ways to entertain. Today I will begin with the preferred method of my family: the buffet. Buffets are really fun and easy ways to entertain as the host doesn’t have to be in the kitchen the whole time and can enjoy time with the guests


There are two types of buffet:

– the lap service in which guests eat standing or seated at chairs or a sofa. This style is ideal so that guests can talk and mingle and it works better for small receptions or parties in small places, like a game or movie night.
– the sit-down buffet is more suitable for elaborate occasions such as holidays, weddings and dinner parties.

Here below are some buffet ideas for your next party:

International Buffet
Fresh Greens with Assorted Dressing, Chicken Piccata, Medallions of Beef, Salmon with a Dill Butter Sauce, Saffron Rice, Assorted Dinner Rolls, Assorted Mini Pastries

Italian Buffet
Traditional Caesar Salad, Cheese Tortellini in a Pesto Cream Sauce, Lasagna Bolognese, Chicken Marsala, Roasted Rosemary Potatoes, Focaccia and Garlic Bread, Assorted Italian Mini Pastries

Mexican Buffet
Fresh Greens with Assorted Dressing, Grilled Chicken and Steak Fajitas, Cheese Enchiladas, Southwest Rice and Black Beans, Warm Corn and Flour Tortillas, Traditional Flan and Cinnamon-Sugar Chips

Western Buffet
Three Bean Salad, Red-Skin Potato Salad and Coleslaw, BBQ Beef Brisket, Fried Chicken, Warm Cornbread, Apple and Cherry

Decorating with Poinsettias

Are you thinking to decorate with poinsettias during the holiday season? Poinsettias grow better in temperatures between the 62F (15C) and 76F (22C). These plants like light but not heat or direct sun and are available in red, white, pink and marbled.

The Oneyes

Brides and their bridal parties are normally into very traditional details, but what do you do when you have “out-of-the-ordinary” ones? Well for them here is a collection of The Oneyes buttons.

Team Groom ID Button 2Bridesmaid ID button 3

Team Groom ID buttonBridesmaid button

Marianne Roosa is a designer, illustrator and plush artist from the Netherlands and her company 12PUNT3 specializes in visual communication. Since 2005 she has been designing creatures called ‘The Oneyes’. The Oneyes are created with the goal to bring some love and fun into people’s lives!

Candy Corn

I love candy corn and the sweet smell when you open the first bag of the season. Here some ideas for entertaining with this happy candy item.

Collectible Fall Halloween Candy Corn Candle by Enchanted Jewelry

Halloween Candy Corn Soap  Party Favor  Trick or Treat  Autumn Gift discount given below
Halloween Candy Corn Soap by herbsandoils on Etsy
Click picture to close
Halloween Candy Corn Shaped Paper Plates by Bonanza
Trick or Treat Invitation by Paper Culture
Party Supplies - POINSETTIA GLORY Luncheon Plate   (96 ct)
Mini Treat Bag Candy Corn by Party Secret

Set the Scene for your Party

Have you ever heard of a Scene Setter? They are great products for decorating walls for a party without breaking the bank. I love to use them as they cover a big space in no time and look great!

The Scene Setters come in different sizes: background rolls, door size, borders and window size. These posters are printed in color over transparent plastic and are sturdy enough to last for years. Several themes are available such as Hollywood, Fiesta, Cowboy, Disco, Princess, Spongebob, Sesame Street, Hawaiian and of course Halloween!

Available at your party supply store and here in the Netherlands search for them online!

Halloween Party Scene Setters Creature Glass GrabberScene Setters - Graveyard RaidersHalloween Cellar Dwellers Scene Setters Decorations2 NEW HALLOWEEN Decorations Scene Setters Window Bats

Fast Food Costumes

Halloween is coming soon and many are wondering what will they be wearing. Well, here are some ideas for fast food costumes…

Hot Dog Costume Each Costumes For Halloween Food

Hot Dog by HOT.

Taco Costume

Taco by

Chinese Take Out by Find Costume.

Product Image Adults' Pizza Pie Costume
Pizza Pie by Target.
Adult's Hamburger Halloween Costume
Hamburger by Brands on Sale.

Only If You Dare…

Halloween is coming soon and here are some devilish party items, if you dare…Oh Snap! Kaasplankje
The mice will run away when they see your mousetrap/cheese board. So you will have all the time in the world to cut cheese slices without being disturbed, or else…
Voodoo Messenset Groen
The Voodoo knives comes with five slots with magnets that hold the knives in place.
Evidence koksmes
Would you like a bit of drama in the kitchen? This chef knife is called “Evidence” and looks like out of any crime serie.

ABC Cookies
For all the fans of home made cookies here are the ABC* Cookies cutters in three different forms. You will get gingerbread boys that look like if somebody took a bite out of them!
Slagers keukenschort
The Butcher apron is a compliment to the meat lover and is printed with blood stains.