Indonesian Rice Table

This has to be one of my favorite ways to enjoy a meal or have a celebration. Lots of little dishes to mix and match in an exotic Asian atmosphere right at your house.

To start, you can use dinnerware with colorful Asian motifs or napkins with Asian prints. Big napkins can be used as placemats and even runners. For a quick touch of Asian decor, place a pot with an orchid on the table or lay orchid blooms on the plates and trays. A tablecloth is not necessary as you can always use a sarong or a coverup like the ones sold as souvenirs in vacation resorts. Asian ingredients often come in very pretty packaging and once empty they can be used to hold flowers or flatware. And if you really want to set the mood, eat out of bowls instead of plates.

For the meal, this is a ten dish menu for an Indonesian rice table. Of course you can make these dishes at home, but many supermarkets and restaurants offer the dishes to reheat at home.

Nasi Koening: (main dish) rice, turmeric and cloves
Babi Ketjap: (side dish) pork, soy sauce, shrimp powder en onion
Ajam Opor: (side dish) chicken legs, nuts, garlic and shrimp powder
Rempah: (side dish) ground beef, coconut and garlic
Sajoer Lodeh: (side dish) chicken, shrimp, celery, coleslaw and zucchini
Sambal Goreng Djagoeng: (side dish) corn, peppers and creamed coconut
Atjar Ketimun: (side dish) cucumber, onion, vinegar, chili sauce, garlic and pepper
Seroendeng: (side dish) coconuts, peanuts and chili sauce
Frikadel Goreng: (side dish) potato and ground beef pastry
Peanut sauce, Egg rolls, Shrimp Crackers, Fried Onions and Pickled Vegetables

More Star Wars and Food

To continue on one of my most visited posts, here are some more Star Wars gadgets for entertaining and parties.

Han Solo in carbonite ice tray.

Lightsaber candle holder.

Princess Leia and Darth Vader aprons.

Assorted stencils for sugar or cocoa.

Star Wars hot beverage tins: Vader’s Dark Side Roast, Hoth Cocoa and Yoda Dagobah Green Tea.

BBQ Time!!!

With the gorgeous weather here in the Netherlands at the moment it is almost an obligation to entertain outside. Most people do it in their own backyards so if anything is missing then a simple trip to the kitchen solves the problem. In case you decide to go somewhere else, here is a list of the must have items…

Favorite BBQ foods and drinks

  • Burgers
  • Chicken breasts
  • Fish in foil
  • Corn on the cob
  • Hot dogs
  • Ribs
  • Steak
  • Sausages
  • Salads
  • Soft drinks
  • Beer
  • Water
  • Lemonade
  • Fruit punch
  • Sport drinks
  • Iced tea

For a Charcoal Grill

  • Charcoal
  • Lighter fluid
  • Matches or lighter
  • Spray bottle with water in it (to cool the flames)
  • Bag for ashes

For a Gas Grill

  • Propane tank
  • Propane tank reserve

Tools and other necessities

  • Long handled spatula
  • Long handled fork
  • Long handled basting brush
  • Long handled tongs
  • Knife
  • Cutting board
  • Apron
  • Bowls for basting sauces
  • Aluminium foil
  • Plate, platter or container for uncooked food
  • Plate, platter or container for cooked food
  • Serving utensil for cooked food
  • Cooler
  • Ice or ice packs
  • Trash bags
  • Bottle opener
  • Moist towels
  • Kitchen paper
  • Paper tablecloth
  • Citronella candles (to keep the nasty mosquitoes away and give a nice sphere when the evening arrives)

Breads, Sauces and Condiments

  • French bread
  • Burger buns
  • Hot dog buns
  • BBQ sauce
  • Steak sauce
  • Ketchup
  • Mustard
  • Mayonnaise
  • Salt and pepper
  • Butter
  • Cheddar cheese slices
  • Pickle slices
  • Lettuce
  • Onion slices
  • Tomato slices
  • Lemon and lime slices


  • Forks
  • Knives
  • Spoons
  • Plates
  • Cups
  • Napkins

Pink Ribbon

Just one day for October to be here and then the month of breast cancer awareness begins. Having lost an aunt to this disease I know how important prevention and early detection is.

So in order to support this cause, create awareness and celebrate life, here are some great entertaining Pink Ribbon articles for entertaining.

Plantable Wildflower In Favor of a Cure Pink Ribbon Favors (2 sets of 12 per order) Wedding Favors

Plantable Wildflower in Favor of a Cure Pink Ribbon Favors by AWeddingFavor.

Lolita Wine Glass Pink Ribbon NoneLolita Glassware Pink Ribbon Martini GlassSanta Barbara GLS17-5590P Hand-Painted Pink Ribbon Champagne GlassFoxrun 2065 Pink Ribbon Cookie Cutter- Pink Plastic

Lolita Wine Glass, Martini Glass and Champagne Glass Pink Ribbon  and Foxrun 2065 Pink Ribbon Cookie Cutter from Google Products.

Pink Ribbon Party Invitations

Pink Ribbon “Celebrate in Pink” Party Invitation with Envelopes from The Pink Ribbon Shop.

Pink Ribbon Cupcake Picks - Set of 8

Pink Ribbon Cupcake Picks by Dreambirthday.

Breast Cancer Awareness Latex Balloons 11" Pink Ribbon

Breast Cancer Awareness Latex Balloons by Breast Cancer Awareness Collection.

Movies or TV Party on a Rainy Night

It is really bad weather here in the Netherlands, but is also a great excuse to host a movies and tv party!

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Comfortable seating, and plenty of it, is essential to a successful movie / TV night. Make room for extra chairs and floor pillows and ask guests to bring a cushion or folding chair along with them. If the films or TV shows you’ll be watching have a clear theme, try pulling it into your party decorations or you can always hang movie posters around the house with “Now Playing” and “Coming Soon” tags underneath.

What to Watch
Choose movies or TV shows with a common theme such as a favorite actor or director, screening movies in a trilogy or series, or watching a season of a TV show. 

Take a break between showings with a few games to keep people interested (and awake).
Make your own trivia game about the movies or shows you’re watching. After each ends, quiz your guests on what they just saw. Hand out prizes after each round to reward those with a keen eye.

Let your guests customize their corn with a popcorn bar. Pop a few bags of plain popcorn, and set out various accompaniments like the standard melted butter and salt, then offer exciting flavor combinations such as sour cream and onion, ranch, or white cheddar salts, grated parmesan cheese or cayenne pepper. For the ones that prefer their popcorn sweet you can include cinnamon and sugar, M&Ms, bits of toffee, and honey-roasted almonds and peanuts in the selection of toppings.

Don’t forget to use colorful paper bags or red-and-white cardboard containers to serve the popcorn and set out plastic bags so people can bring a bit home.

A Backyard Party for the World Cup and Father’s Day?!?

With Father’s Day next Sunday and the World Cup at full speed here is a great idea to combine both occassions, cheer for your team and celebrate the special dad in your life… a backyard party.

Backyard parties are almost always held al fresco, so decorations are usually minimal. But why not pick your favorite team colors and hang slingers from all the fences and helium balloons from plant pots.

Plan defined areas for particular activities, like watching the game and areas for the kids to play. Enjoying the beautiful weather and the company of friends and family is what this is all about. However, a few fun activities for guests of all ages can certainly liven things up. Here are some ideas that will keep your company entertained if they are not interested in the matches:

• Designate an area for playing cards or making crafts.
• Ask a few teens or adults to take turns painting faces in the team colors.
• Rent a jump house.
• Play a little football.

Backyard parties are often nothing more than big barbecues. You can provide the main course or ask families to bring their own meat or other grillables. Usually, side dishes, salads and desserts are potluck. You could also skip the grill and make a potluck including main dishes.

Is there any beverage that says backyard party better than lemonade? Alternatively, you can add drinks to the potluck list or ask guests to bring their own beverages.


The trend for this summer will be picnics (weather permitting of course). Here is Evite’s advice on this super fun party type…


Nothing screams “picnic” like a red-and-white-checkered blanket and a long trail of ants. Dress up the former and keep your food safe from the latter by bringing folding tables to put your food on. Also be sure to have citronella candles on hand to add atmosphere to your picnic while keeping any flying critters away. Pack enough beach chairs and towels or other ground coverings so that all of your guests can camp out in style. If you want to spruce up your picnic area, bring colorful helium balloons and streamers that you can tie between trees. These will not only add a festive touch, they’ll help your guests find you if they’re arriving separately. Since the picnic basket is the universal symbol of this style of party, you can use a basket to add flair to your picnic table or blanket. Just fill it with wildflowers and use it as a centerpiece, or pack it full of fresh fruit that serves as both a serving bowl and a fun decoration in the spirit of the outdoor party.


Pre-planning for your picnic ensures that you and your guests will get the most out of the day. Before you leave, fill a backpack or picnic basket with picnic essentials like bug spray, sunscreen, flashlights and garbage bags for your trash. Also, be sure to pack plenty of paper cups, plates and plasticware, as well as a can and bottle opener, a corkscrew, salt and pepper shakers and condiments like mustard and ketchup. A big cooler with ice keeps your drinks and perishable foods cool, and sweatshirts keep you warm if the wind starts to blow. You’ll also want to pack napkins and hand wipes so you and your guests can clean up after your picnic feast. And finally, bring a digital camera or disposable cameras so you can spend rainy days remembering how much fun you had.


Eating the tasty treats you bring is the highlight of any picnic, but you can also plan games to keep your guests happy. At a picnic, you’re limited only to what you can carry. Pack a set of playing cards as well as a few Frisbees, footballs and a bocce ball set, all of which are light and easy to transport. Utilize the outdoors by planning a down-home watermelon spitting contest, or, if you’re in a wooded area, playing hide and seek. If there will be kids at the party, bring coloring books and crayons to entertain them when they get too tired to run around.


The word “picnic” comes from the French “pique-nique,” which roughly means a potluck, so in that spirit, assign your guests a type of dish to bring. Crowd-pleasers include fried or grilled chicken, as well as assorted sandwiches and salads. Pack cookies and fresh fruit like grapes, strawberries and orange wedges for dessert. And don’t forget the watermelon! When planning your menu, try to stay away from mayonnaise and any other foods that could spoil in the sun.

A Birthday on Easter

Some time ago I let you know about the planning of my husband’s birthday party on Easter Sunday and here are the pictures of the sweets (and salty) buffet and coffee arrangement…

There were yummy devil’s food cupcakes with vanilla frosting and chocolate dragee eggs. A three tiered tray of his favorite sweets… Lindt chocolate, sugar Easter shapes, marshmallows and cookies. There were also pretzel sticks, roated nuts and cocktail nuts for the people that prefer salty snacks. And then for the coffee table a wonderful set of candles in the shape of a rooster and a bunny (love them, they just look like porcelain) and of course tulips in a beautiful lavender color.









And the Oscar goes to…

Evite has really fun entertaining ideas to celebrate a movie awards party…

Planning an OSCAR party is a snap—your TV will be your centerpiece, so you just need to add some lights, camera and action to bring the show to life.

Start the party as soon as your guests arrive by placing a red carpet right inside your door. As you open the door, give your guests the paparazzi treatment by yelling their name and snapping lots of photos of them as they enter.

In the spirit of the golden OSCAR statue and the silver screen, buy cups, plates and other party decorations in shiny metallic colors.

And finally, because the OSCARS usually clocks in at well over three hours, you’ll want to make sure your guests are comfortable enough to make it through the whole show. Footstools, extra pillows and blankets help your guests hang in there to see what is crowned Best Picture.

Half the fun when you watch the OSCARS together with friends is critiquing what the stars are wearing. In the fine tradition popularized by Mr. Blackwell and Joan Rivers, you can make yourself and your guests victims of the fashion police by having everyone wear their fanciest outfit—or their most hideous one.

Plus, have plenty of feather boas and top hats on hand so you and your guests can reflect that old Hollywood glamour. And don’t forget the sunglasses, so you can pretend you’re going incognito just like the biggest stars try to do.

An OSCAR pool keeps everyone invested in even the smallest, least-flashy awards. Give each guest a ballot with the OSCAR nominees and ask them to pick the winners.

You can award one point for each correct answer, or give extra points to the major categories, like best actor and best picture. To prevent a tie, include a tie-breaker question like “How long will the OSCAR telecast be?” Whoever gets closest without going over wins.

Another way to keep guests entertained through hour three is to play OSCARS bingo. Before the party, create bingo cards with the most common OSCAR happenings: a winner crying, thanking God or forgetting to thank their spouse or co-star; a presenter mangling a nominee’s name; the orchestra cutting off a winner’s speech; a host’s joke falling flat.

Give each guest a card to mark off during the broadcast, and award prizes for each bingo. Be sure to switch up the items on your cards so everybody doesn’t yell “BINGO!” at the same time.

Buffets featuring room-temperature foods like cheese and crackers, assorted olives, chips and dip, brownies and fruit are quick and easy for guests to eat during commercial breaks.

In honor of the movies, give each guest an individual bag of popcorn to snack on during the show, and have bowls of classic movie-theater snacks like Junior Mints, Raisinets, SnoCaps and Juju Fruits on hand.

For your feature food presentation, keep it light yet decadent, so you can keep snacking during the show. Caesar salad has been a Hollywood favorite since its introduction in the 1920s. Rich pastas are always a fan favorite, and star-shaped cookies round out the meal.


1. Fame / Irene Cara (Fame)
2. My Heart Will Go On / Celine Dion (Titanic)
3. Take My Breath Away / Berlin (Top Gun)
4. (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life / Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes (Dirty Dancing)
5. You’re the One That I Want / Olivia Newton John & John Travolta (Grease)
6. Up Where We Belong / Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes (An Officer and a Gentleman)
7. I Will Always Love You / Whitney Houston (The Bodyguard)
8. The Rose / Bette Midler (The Rose)
9. Do You Know Where You’re Going To / Diana Ross (Mahogony)
10. Maniac / Michael Sembello (Flashdance)

Game Night

I still remember when we were kids and my family will meet for a night of penny bingo. Here are Evite‘s ideas for a game night with family or friends…

Pick a favorite game, and use it as the inspiration for your game night décor. If you love Twister, make your pad Twister-ific by decorating with red, blue, green and yellow balloons and polka-dotted streamers. Or if Parcheesi is more your speed, you could decorate with colorful saris for an Indian theme (Parcheesi, or Parchisi, is the national game of India). To get in the mood for this kid-friendly party theme, deck out your party room like a teenage bedroom or college dorm room with rock posters, cut-out pictures of celebrity crushes and club flyers. Spread blankets, quilts and pillows on the floor to create a casual atmosphere where guests can spread out and get comfortable.


Trivial Pursuit
Murder mystery game
Apples to Apples

Keep in mind that you’re not limited to store-bought games. For games like charades and the name game, all you need are strips of paper and a good imagination. To create your own word-definition guessing game, find obscure words in a dictionary and ask everybody to come up with inventive possible definitions for them, while one person writes down the correct answer.

There are various ways to run your game night, and you can make it as casual or as formal as you’d like. Here are some tips for getting your game on:
If your group is too large or unruly to all play the same game, set up stations for different games or team people up for group play.
To make games more challenging and help to get people interacting, separate couples and really close friends.
Playing with a shy group? Start off with a team competition, where people can get more comfortable with one another and with playing games. Also, be sure to choose games with different topics to play to everyone’s skills — not just all pop culture trivia or word games.
If your games require score-keeping, drawing or sculpting, buy lots of pens, extra modeling clay and pads of paper.

Food and Drink
Playing Candyland? Then you know exactly what kind of food to set out for your party. If you’re thinking more along savory lines for your game night party, you can’t go wrong with pizza. Make your own from scratch, and have your friends add fun toppings (goat cheese, marinated artichoke hearts, fresh basil, etc.) Ordering plain cheese pizzas and adding toppings at home will achieve similar results, with less time away from gaming. Eating and playing games don’t have to be mutually exclusive — it is possible to drink creamy tomato soup from a mug as you roll the dice and move your mice. Bite-size, non-greasy finger foods also work better than those requiring a knife, fork, plate and a table, since you’ll want to save the valuable table space for the games you’re playing.


1. Let’s Twist / Chubby Checker
2. Luck Be a Lady Tonight / Frank Sinatra
3. All Star / Smash Mouth
4. Start Me Up / The Rolling Stones
5. Let’s Get It Started / The Black Eyed Peas
6. Tubthumping / Chumbawamba
7. Baba O’Riley / The Who
8. Surrender / Cheap Trick
9. We Are the Champions / Queen
10. Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye / Steam