From Holland… with Love!

The lovely Julie Laporte, winner of the Valentine cards giveaway, has posted a series of photos in Facebook about her goodies.

This is what she wrote (translated from Spanish into English):

I received a notification that I was one of the winners of a give away. People that “Like”(d) the PinkMoon Evenementen & Design page in Facebook would be participating in a raffle for two of their original Valentine cards. What a big emotion it was to find in my post an envelope sent to me from Amsterdam! Mi dear Mara Su lives and owns a design business there. Thanks Su it has been a very happy event! Good luck and blessings!

Julie: This is the first time that I receive a letter from Europe, with stamps cancelled from Amsterdam! I’m emotional! Thanks!

Julie: I opened the envelope and this is the lovely packaging I found inside! Really pretty, original! ♥ PinkMoon Evenementen & Design are the creators of these original designs and responsible of the smile I get in my face every time I remember such a beautiful detail! Thanks, thanks, thanks! ♥♥♥