Graphic Design or Desktop Publishing?

Time to get serious… really, I can get serious from time to time 🙂 . In order to better understand what we can do for you at PinkMoon Evenementen & Design, here is a little educational post.

Graphic design is the creative process and art of coming up with concepts, ideas and arrangements to communicate an effective message in the design of logos, graphics,  and any other type of visual communication.

Desktop publishing is the mechanical process of using the computer and specific types of software to combine text and graphics to produce digital documents for printing.

So, what do we do here in PinkMoon? The short answer: we do both!

Here is an example and personal story of our graphic design processes and desktop publishing processes:

Two and a half years ago I got asked by my friend Erica to design my own baby shower stationery! Here is where the graphic design process begins.

I love cartoon illustrations so I made my then pregnant-self the main character of this wonderful occassion. First I made a pencil draft of the illustration in my design journal. This journal lives next to my bed so when inspiration strikes in the middle of the night it is close by the hand. I made a copy and inked the lines, then scanned it.

20140316_073152   20140316_073217

Here is when graphic design meets desktop publishing. After converting my scan into a vector illustration and cleaning it, I colored it digitally using a crayon effect (since my childhood I have adored crayons).










And then the desktop publishing was finished by turning that wonderful illustration into an invitation, a game notebook, chocolate wrappers, favor tags and assorted clipart.


Graphic design and desktop publishing, one can’t live without the other, and we can offer them to you. Visit our website to see our designs on inventory or send us an email for a custom design like the one above.